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Rep. Management

Reputation Management / Reputation Marketing

Reputation Management or Reputation Marketing is the practice of presenting people and businesses in the best manner possible online. To accomplish that online search results must be optimized in order to present our clients prominently in the search engines and on related websites.

Reputation management is important because many times information listed online about people and businesses is out of date, inaccurate, completely false, or even misleading. This is not how anyone wants to present a first impression which adversely influences how web searchers view the results that they find all over the place online.

Rep management has always been necessary however with the recent rise in popularity of social networking, blogging, online forums, and other forms of online communication and information sharing no time is more important then right now to take control of how you or your business is represented in the online marketplace.   Rep marketing is such an important and emerging field that current laws are incomplete and don’t fully address all of the ways to prevent total strangers from damaging your online reputation or stealing your private information.

Over 70% of respondents to a recent reputation marketing survey said they wouldn’t interact or do business with someone who had negative material about them online!

I help people on a personal levle by supressing, removing, and/or mitigating false, inaccurate, or misleading information in your search engine results which affect the impression you make when people search or “Google” your name.

It’s crucial to apper professional and not suspicious in any way because when it come right down to it – Your search results are your reputation.

Most folks don’t ask for character references anymore, they will Google you. And what they see on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or anywhere else accurate or not, is what your reputation is in that moment.

Before doing business with you, people first check you out on Google. If they don’t like what they see they will do business with someone else.

I ensure your potential clients and/or customers only see factual information about your business.  Here are some examples of the kind of bad info. that I supress or remove from the top search engine results:

•False reviews
•Untuthful news articles
•Outdated legal information
•Hostile blog posts/comments
•Negative forum comments and
•outright lies

When it comes to your businesses website, I create positive pages so that they are ranked and displayed in a “more popular” manner than negative pages.

If there is negative info. out there that someone else has put up about you or your business then I will make the unwanted pages rank lower in search results so that they are not prominently displayed and.

This is not a simple process and it actually calls for allot of time and attention as well as creative SEO skill.

Anyone can make false claims, and post bad reviews at any time. Dishonest people, corporate raiders as well as your competitors may employ these nasty tactics.

When combined with negative information that has been on the Internet for any extended length of time, the more damage it does

A recent study discovered that one bad online review can cut as much as 10% in revenues if not more!

With my help you can spot these problems early so that I can provide you with:

•Monitored social network sentiment
•Alerts when new reviews appear online
•Prominent display of favorable reviews
•And much more

On the Internet, it’s what you don’t know that damages your reputation the most. I track, analyze, and search the entire Web for specific mentions of your name/business.

In addition, I set up solutions so that you recieve reviews from real clients and customers.

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