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Is Your WordPress Security Compromised?

WordPress Security Compromised Globally!

Wordpress securityLast week one of the largest brute force attacks against WordPress platforms worldwide took place.  The WordPress Security attacks were centered on weak or easy admin/log-in passwords.  There is a video and information on how to fix this problem at your blog at this PAGE <—Click Here.

No hacking group has taken responsibility for these attacks at this time.  At one point this massive attack was said to have come from over  90,000 IP addresses, well organized, and distributed across various networks worldwide.

A few ways to determine if your site was a victim of the attack are slow performance in your admin area and/or no way to log in because your log-in credentials no longer work.  In some cases your blog may only be inaccessible for a short time and then it will be working o.k.

A Dutch company named “Cyberbunker” was blacklisted or placed on the ignore list by the European based Spamhaus which is an e-mail filtering and watchdog company.  When Cyberbunker was blacklisted it caused a significant delay of service in the internet pipeline that was felt around the world.  In retaliation for this action hackers flooded sites worldwide with large amounts of traffic generated by a network of remotely controlled, infected home computers that probe and then infect computers and blogs with poor or no WordPress security.

McAfee Vice President and CTO Phyllis Schneck released a statement saying, “Denial of Service (DOS), and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are not new, and do not demand significant technical expertise to initiate. However their impact as we have recently witnessed can be significant. Due to the connected nature of digital citizens, a dispute between key parties will impact everyone from consumers to SMB to large enterprises.

I urge you to contact me if you need support securing your WordPress blog against such attacks.  Additionally, leave a comment and tell me how you secure your blog from attacks and poor WordPress Security.

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  2. […] I reported on the recent attack on WordPress Security world wide over at the Seo Traffic Expert, see that report –> HERE […]

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