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How to Boost Social Signals

Social signals are everywhere and carry just as SocialSignals
much weight and importance as link juice used to.
The traditional boundaries of yesteryears SEO rules have changed and with it comes a new frontier in how webpages and sites are ranked and displayed in search engines and social media sites.

Instead of diluting your reach out across the social landscape I recommend establishing your presence on one or just a few channels and focusing on the content that you provide there so that your social signals are concentrated and more easily recognizable.  Once you establish your brand and receive feedback that the content you provide is valuable then you can move on and broaden your reach.

It’s important to create your profile/image, gain traction and then upscale or leverage that foothold into more recognition and reach in the social space and on search engines.

One way to get a quick boost is to use services like My Online Marketing Agency to get likes on your facebook page, youtube video, or visitors to your website.

You can also join a team in order to leverage your collective abilities so that there is continuous action/attention on the pages and sites you want to rank well.  The main place and team I recommend for this type of activity is: The Facebook Fanpage System

Most of the traditional search engine optimization rules are still applicable in one way or another, the trick is how you apply them with social media.  Google is at the forefront along with Facebook which are both platforms that many of my clients do business on.

Video is becoming more and more popular and in many ways it’s taking over old ways of expressing information.  You can not disagree that seeing and hearing someone express a message is more meaningful that reading it and attempting to understand and process how the author meant for it to come across or be perceived by you the reader.

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Always to your success,

~Mark Edward Brown
The SEO Traffic Expert

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