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Why Online Reputation Management Should Matter to You

ORM, online reputation management     To understand the importance of online reputation management is to understand the critical direction in which Internet Marketing is heading.  I recommend that you watch the online reputation management video —> HERE

To sum it up – The Internet is becoming more and more social NOT less and less social as an example of this trend, consider the following:

Social proof either propel businesses or repells clients, it’s also becoming more and more important to the algorithms used in search engines like Google, bing, and yahoo. It’s no secret that pages that have more social interaction, whether it is in the form of Facebook likes or from posting reviews, end up being ranked much higher than those pages with little to no social proof or interaction on them.

Online reputation management used to consist of removing or moving unwanted reviews down in the search engine results pages and simple removing bad comments and reviews from business rating sites.

Today online reputation management involves actively building a positive, socially active base of consumers and customers that you will benefit from, both in terms of social proof and search engine rankings.

As social integration continues to evolve and mesh more closely with the search engines social proof and interaction are more and more important.

Online reputation management experts like myself are happy to create favorable search engine results and client driven recommendations that you and your clients can be proud of.

The facts are that today your online reputation is “Your Reputation”. The Online reputation management services I offer are about providing a complete package that builds an accurate representation of your business and the related brand that represents you.

Now, I’d like to share with you a fact that will change your mind about the importance of online reputation management if you have been on the fence about wheather it’s truly important to you and your business or not…

Online Reputation Management Facts:

On page 6 of Michael Fertik and David Thompson’s book – “Wild West 2.0” you will read the following:

“Today, the law of the Internet is controlled by two major Federal statutes: the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA). These laws were enacted in 1996 and 1998, respectively, and they have not been updated, even though the Internet today would be unrecognizable to politicians of 1996. The legal loophole in the communications decency act makes it impossible to force a website to remove anonymous attacks, no matter how false and damaging they may be. The result of the CDA and the DMCA are perverse and bewildering: Viacom can send one letter to Youtube and force it to remove 50,000 videos for copyright violations, but if an anonymous attacker were to upload a lie-filled video about your kid sister to the same site, she would have no power to force the site to take the undoubtedly illegal video down.”

Here’s another critical statistic – The New York Times reported a survey by the Opinion Research Corporation, in which “84 percent of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.”

I am happy to provide a complimentary online reputation management analysis for you or your business, just leave a comment below or e-mail me at:

Here’s to your favorable reputation always,

Mark Edward Brown ~ SEO Traffic Expert

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