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5 Linkbuilding Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters

Linkbuilding isn’t only for SEO…

Following are 5 linkbuilding tips that you can use right now, especially if you are a blogger or webmaster:

5 linkbuilding tips1) Linkbuilding is not illegal.  I don’t know why anyone would think that linkbuilding is illegal.  Despite the fact that some people believe that Google’s guidelines regarding linkbuilding are the absolute laws of the universe, they are not.  Paid links and some other types of link building do go against some of the Google guidelines, but that doesn’t mean they’re illegal.  It means that if you violate their guidelines, there is the potential that you’ll be penalized or removed from their index.

2) Get a list of all of your site’s links.  You have to start somewhere and this is the best place to begin.  Most of the top search engines have link checker tools.  Google calls their’s “Webmaster Tools”.  If you do a search for linkbuilding or link checer tools many SEO related sites use their own databases, wich means, if you run your site through 3 of them, you’ll get three slightly different results.  Also note that with the tool you use, sometimes you’ll be given a list of the “X number of top links” only, so pay attention to that.  Results will vary so I reccomend at a minimum to get 2 separate lists from 2 different links tools.

3) Link Placement Matters.   Depending on your linkbuilding goals, where your list is displayed and the location of where you display your link partners links is curcial.  Some areas of blogs or websites (like the footer and sidebar) have been labled as “spam” hot spots.  A key note to remember is that links that are placed in content are more valuable and natural than a list of links somewhere else on your page or site.

4) Link display on all platforms.  You want your links visible everywhere so make sure they display on mobile devices such as tablets, iphones, and android operating systems as well.  That goes for both your own site (make sure internal links are working) and sites linking to you. Would you want someone to see your link, click it, and go nowhere?  No.  Mobile technology and platforms are continuously increasing in popularity, so you’ll lose a lot of potential traffic and conversions if your site and links don’t work well across all platforms.

5) Site and Link Rankings don’t tell the full story.   One of the primary reasons for linkbuilding is so that your site or blog ranks higher in the search engines.  Different ranking results and metrics depend upon different factors, and getting a true idea of where your particular linkbuilding strategy fits in your sites ranking efforts can be tricky. Here is an example; if you’re logged into Google, you’ll see different results than if you aren’t logged in.  Site rankings also fluctuate, and a key piece of advice is that if your sites rank slips in the rankings temporarily, it can go right back to where it was in as little as 24 hours.

If your sites rankings tank completely, it could be a sign that you have a serious problem.  Your online reputation is critical to you and your businesses lively hood so don’t take linkbuilding lightly.  Consult with a professional and know that I am here to assist with any of your listbuilding questions or concerns.

Always to your SEO and Linkbuilding success,

Mark Edward Brown ~ The SEO Traffic Expert

P.S. – leave a comment below about a great linkbuilding tip or service that has helped you, I’m looking forward to your feedback 🙂


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One comment on “5 Linkbuilding Tips for Bloggers and Webmasters
  1. Vishal says:

    Now a days Social Media is also a best practice for link building and increase your website/blog credibility. If your content is of little or no value to your target audience, then in terms of ranking signals, Social Media sends a powerful message to search engines.

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