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How to Fix a Google Link Penalty

Fix your Google penaltyHere’s How to Fix a Google Link Penalty:

When you have discovered that you have been penalized by Google for bad links on your website or for a bad site that is linking to your website you should collect a list of backlinks from Webmaster tools, internet explorer, AHREFs and/or any other trusted SEO link checker service that you trust.  This will help you to get a complete list of links pointing to your site, after all, how can you attempt to remove links if you don’t know where they are?

It is important to choose a few metrics that you trust and will be relatively easy to measure across all of the URLs in your list. You should evaluate each URL against each metric to ensure that there is consistency in your review. Make sure to write down notes about each URL if a link is worth keeping or if it’s creating negative link juice to your web site. After reviewing each link, collect the list of URLs that you have marked for removal.

Next, you should set aside some time to contact each webmaster and politely request that they remove the harmful link. If they are not responsive to the first email you send, wait a few days and email them again. If again they don’t respond a second time, try one last time before placing their URL on your disavow list.

Now that you have a list of urls, trim each url down to the root domain. Then you should remove any duplicate domains from your site that are on your duplicate list.

For example: and will both be edited by you to read as

After removing the duplicates, write “domain:” in front of each domain to tell Google that you wish to disavow the entire domain.


Now you are ready to write a reconsideration request to Google. This should be a word document that expresses to the reviewer at Google why your site should no longer be in the penalty box. You must convey a compelling message explaining what you have done to fix the reason your site was penalized.

After you’ve created your request to be un-penalized, it’s time to upload it to Google. Log into Webmaster Tools and head to the Search Traffic section. Under Manual Actions, you will see a large button that says “Request a Review”.

Image TwoUpload your document and wait for the Google reviewers to review your request and hopefully,  the penalty will be lifted!

Once the penalty has been lifted, you should continue to monitor your backlinks on a regular basis to make sure any links pointing to your site, especially those without your knowledge, are beneficial and won’t come back to bite you. Once Google has your site on their radar, they will be keeping a close watch over it, so you need to keep your backlink profile clean.

Some of the information listed above is subject to change due to Google’s constant algorithm changes.  If you are unsure of what to do or how to do it, you should seek out an SEO professional.

I would be happy to help you fix this problem, plus much more and you can contact me at:

~Mark Edward Brown

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