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About SEO

Seo Traffic Expert     Hi there, I’m Mark Edward Brown, “The Seo Traffic Expert“.  I am a real person who currently lives in Oklahoma and truly enjoys helping businesses and people get seen online and in the most favorable manner possible.  My clients enjoy results, I have a proven plan that gets publicity, recognition, and visibility that translates into sales, conversions, and more traffic.

Currently I offer the 5 following services:

– Reputation Management and Marketing

– Social Marketing and Management

– Mobile Website Design

– E-mail Marketing and

– Google and advanced Search Engine Optimization

I help folks from all walks of life, from the one person blog owner, local shops and stores, all the way up to big business.  I look forward to helping you and sharing a personalized SEO strategy session.  E-mail me at:  or call: (580) 458-9159

2 comments on “About SEO
  1. Trinidad says:

    SEO What does it stand for?

    • The SEOtrafficexpert says:

      Hi Trini, Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization and there are many ways to implement it in order to get viewers to see your website, make sales, etc. Good question and thanks for visiting.

      ~Mark Edward Brown

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